Beroende av plastikkirurgi

August 22, 2013 9:50 pm Published by 3 Comments

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  • kasper says:

    hej, har transsexuella gjort många nya möjligheter med dagens teknik .. Plast Verksamheten har förskaffat det möjligt att ändra sitt utseende riktigt bra. Det gör dig till en mycket högre grad kan uppnå det utseende du går för

  • Darymar says:

    For me the experience has cehagnd over time. I remember being completely embarassed and humiliated when I first grew breasts and had to start wearing a bra at age 11. 90% of my life since then, even when I had no conscious awareness of being trans, I resented their useless presence and the bra.Some things I am comfortable with, though. I have two children, and breastfed them both one is still nursing, in fact. I look forward to when he weans, because then I’ll be free to have them off, because I’ll have no further use for them.Childbirth was something I was also comfortable with, but some part of my mind found the failure of natural childbirth for me to affirm my maleness. Even though I can rationally point to external factors that contributed, the feeling is still there. The physical sensation of breastfeeding is something I’m detached from much of the time, even as I enjoy the intimacy of nurturing my child that way.

  • Rajesh says:

    I am a man of 24 years old. I transitioned in 2010. Since a young child I knew I was direeffnt. I was three years old when I first told my mom Ma, I wish I was a boy. I went through life living it happy, having fun and doing what kids in New York City do. High school and college were the best times of my social life. It was not until I was 21 that I really realized the options I had to pursue and the fact that I had dormant feelings. While I did not ever experience an discontent with myself before testosterone injections, as time wares on, things get a little crazy. haha. I generally have high esteem and confidence. But I find myself feeling hmm..longing for things I never use to.